Hackney Horses  

And The Loula Long Combs Driving Experience

Derby Day
EQL Hallelujah, (Louie for short) led the parade.
EQL Hallelujah, (Louie for short) led the parade.
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          You could hear the children screaming … as Louie came into sight.  A Hackney horse at the Showbarn …

          EQL Hallelujah, (Louie for short) led the parade on April 29, 2009 for the opening ceremonies of Longview Farm Elementary’s (LFE) annual “Derby Days”…

          Running alongside Louie was his owner Craig Walker (R. A. Long Historical Society Vice-President at the time), and helpful “sidekick,” Emily Gragg, RALHS student board member.

          “Derby Days” is a school-sponsored fund-raiser that coincides with the annual Kentucky Derby.  On May 6 students ran or walked to raise money for the student activity fund.  Principal, Dr. Ryan Rostine, a big promoter of health and fitness orchestrated the event with his “team pride” staff.

          In addition to the parade, April 29 festivities included the “Revelation Relay.”  Staff, parents and friends of the school participated in a walk/run in increments totaling 135 miles to mark the 135th Kentucky Derby.  A flag raising ceremony followed.  Tim Sullivan (RALHS President 2006 to 2014) and board member Diane Quattrocchi participated in that event.

          Walkabout Farm and the R. A. Long Historical Society were delighted to be part of this celebration.  Amidst the cheers, you could tell Louie enjoyed his moment in the spotlight.

Diane Quattrocchi

(See other stories of Louie below)

“C R Revelation” (Revie)
“C R Revelation” (Revie)
Revie (1 week old) with Maid, Craig and Robyn
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          With all the new horses on the farm, it has been a busy, hot summer 2008.  We have continued looking for Hackney horses that would best represent the R. A. Long and Loula Long Combs’ legacy.  We now have eight Hackney horses at Walkabout Farm.

          The first Hackney horse born on the farm was from American Maid.  This baby colt, born June 7, 2008, was very tall from the moment he hit the ground.  When the vet came he said, “This is the biggest foal I’ve seen for this breed!”  We thought it would be fitting to name him after Loula’s favorite, so he is called “C R Revelation” (Revie).

          Other foals on the farm are called “C R Affection” (Sweetie) and “C R Invasion” (Innie).  Invasion is half-Arabian/half-Hackney filly, chestnut with four white socks and white blaze.  This filly will be sold.  Interested parties ... please call me at the farm. (816-779­4100)

          Revie and Sweetie will stay with us.  We are going to keep Revie as a stallion and Sweetie is a filly that is bay with black socks, black mane and tail with a white star on her forehead.

          Robyn and I have purchased another Hackney horse gelding that will work for Robyn to drive at horse shows.  He’s a little easier to handle and has a great personality.  Robyn showed him at the American Royal and Longview Horse Park.  This is the first Hackney horse to be driven in a show ring at these two facilities since Loula Long Combs retired.

          The new horse is Hartzett Electra Sirius and he’s a copper chestnut, with four white socks and a white blaze.  Like all of the horses that have come our way, we find out about them, decide to bring them to the farm, receive paperwork and then learn their full, real name.  Hart’s Momma’s name is “Iona Craigweil Sirius.”  A coincidence?

          We found a Hackney horse that will match Hart and we’re hoping to work things out so we can have a driving pair of Hackney horses.  This, too, will be something that has not been in Missouri for a long, long time.

          We appreciate any support you can give us with this project to promote and educate about the Hackney horse.

Craig Walker, RALHS Vice President at the time,
“Honoring the past while thinking of the future”


American Maid
American Maid
American Maid

          Well, by now I hope everyone has had a chance to see Louie in person or have seen him on our website.

          Louie was obtained to honor Loula Long Combs and her carriage driving legacy.  We asked John & Morgan Beilfuss to help us start a Hackney horse breeding program.  At that time, I had no idea if this would be possible or even if they would want to help us in this way after their generosity with Louie.

          To my surprise, they thought that this would be a great opportunity for Walkabout Farms and Equi-Legends to join together to promote the Hackney horse.  A mare was offered and the breeding was arranged.  I did not even ask the mare’s name, I was just excited that we were able to do this.  You can only imagine our reaction when we found out the mare’s name was “American Maid.”  Not only are we involved with a horse for Loula (“Louie”), but now we have a horse honoring her sister Sallie America!  Not as much is heard about Sallie America, but she also had horses too.  But with her being on the East coast, the stories of Sallie America weren’t as well known.  By having American Maid, this opens up a whole new door for us.  We are now better able to inform people of Sallie America Ellis as well as her sister.

          American Maid was bred.  The baby colt was born June 7, 2008 and was named C R Revelation “Revie” (namesake of Loula Long Combs’ beloved horse).

          At any time we have 20 or more horses on our farm this is a lot of work.  Robyn & I do it all, with no help.  Walkabout Farms is footing the entire bill for everything that comes along with the showing of these horses and their care.  WE NEED HELP!  If you’ve ever wanted to work with two of the rarest breeds in the world, the Norwegian Fjord and the Hackney Horse, go to shows with us, enjoy pleasure drives and represent the R. A. Long Historical Society – we need you.  If this is not possible but you would still like to help us you can donate to the R. A. Long Historical Society but make sure you ear-mark it for the Loula Long Combs Driving Experience.  This is a very expensive undertaking so any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please call or email me.

          We would like to thank the entire membership of the R. A. Long Historical Society for making this possible!

EQL Hallelujah
Hallelujah! (Louie)
Hallelujah! (Louie)

          In a recent RALHS newsletter we announced the starting of the Loula Long Combs Driving Experience, and that we were looking for Hackney horses to properly represent the way Loula drove horses.

          Walkabout Farms was very pleased to announce the May 2007 arrival of EQL Hallelujah (or otherwise known as “Louie”).  He is a six year old gelding, winning numerous times at the Royal Canadian and Louisville, Kentucky horse park – already a champion!!

          Over sixteen hands tall, chestnut with four white socks and white blaze, Louie comes to us through a very generous donation from John and Morgan Beilfuss.

          More about Louie and what he will be doing to help represent the R. A. Long Historical Society will be available on our website:

          We worked on obtaining Louie for a very long time and we believe this is one of the things that Loula is helping to make happen.

Craig Walker, RALHS Vice-President at the time
Robyn Walker, Board Member