Scarritt Point

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Gladstone Boulevard at Scarritt Point, Kansas City, Missouri
Gladstone Boulevard at Scarritt Point, Kansas City, Missouri

When R. A. Long saw Scarritt Point in the early 1900s he chose it for the site of the mansion that he was planning.

          He needed an entire block, for in addition to his home there would be a residence for Dave Smith, the horse-handler, a building for the commodious horse stalls, quarters for groomsmen, a carpenter and gardenerís shop, a greenhouse, conservatory and wisteria-draped pergola.

          Arrangements were made with the owners of two homes on the site.  Long would purchase the property with the stipulation that the houses would be moved to new locations.

          So it came about that the turreted red brick home of Judge William Hockaday Wallace (left in the picture) was moved one block north to 3200 Norledge, and the white cut stone home of Herman F. Schmelzer (center) was moved diagonally across the street.  Later, Long gave this house to Dr. George Hamilton Combs, pastor of his church, Independence Boulevard Christian.  (Loula Long, his daughter, married Robert Pryor Combs, son of the pastor.)  Today the Schmelzer house appears almost exactly as it did in the picture.  The interior has been converted into apartments.

          The Wallace home became the property of Jack Schmidt, who operated it as a convalescent home.  Today it is used for apartments.

          The Stevens-James residence, still standing and appearing much as it does in the right side of the picture, was erected in 1902 by Edward A. Stevens.  It is currently a privately owned residence.

Corinthian Hall, Gladstone Boulevard
Corinthian Hall, Gladstone Boulevard
at Scarritt Point, Kansas City, Missouri

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July 29, 1972 and October 1, 1982