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Film Release 2007

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 March 25, 2007

“Filmmakers focus on R. A. Long”
Longview, Washington

Newspaper clipping of “Filmmakers focus on R. A. Long”
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 December 2006

Loula Long looking “very pert”
Loula Long looking “very pert”
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          From its inception, R. A. Long Historical Society has been committed to the idea of making a Ken Burns-style documentary film about the Long family and their legacy.  This project would be the most meaningful educational outreach ever for our group – and you can help!

          Under the direction of a noted producer of PBS documentaries, we intend to make this film available to public broadcasting outlets nationwide.  We will also distribute the documentary to schools and libraries all over the metro area and beyond.

          Film is today’s best medium to reach a wide number of people.  This project is a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of the Long family, and it can give people in the community a reason to care.

          It’s an ambitious project, but we’ve already made a big start.  I’ve had an opportunity to work with a top-notch producer of PBS documentaries.  His name is Rich Luckin, and I first met him two years ago at a meeting of the Lexington Group, an international society of scholars and historians.  He took a personal interest in the new rail museum at Kansas City Union Station back then, and later submitted the winning bid for the orientation film there.

          I was impressed with his competence and his enthusiasm on the Rail Experience production.  I got to see him at work, and I saw that Rich is an accomplished, no-nonsense person who knows how to get the job done.

          The results speak for themselves.  A national publication came to Kansas City to review the new attraction, and wrote that “the film by noted producer Richard Luckin is one of the highlights of the new museum.”  The film also won the 2005 Aurora Award for Platinum-Best of Show in the Public Relations/Museum category.

Michael Gross, best known as Steven Keaton from the TV sitcom “Family Ties,” has agreed to be the narrator of the proposed PBS film about R. A. Long, his family and his legacy.

          It’s clear that there’s a lot of support for the project in Kansas City and beyond.  Dr. Travis Cavens, past president of the Cowlitz County (WA) Historical Society has given a strong indication of great interest in this project.  We learned recently that Hollywood actor Michael Gross (the father in the sitcom “Family Ties”) has agreed to narrate the film.  Richard Luckin expects our documentary to be picked up by as many as 100 or more stations coast to coast!  The legacy of the R. A. Long family will be shared, not only with Kansas City, but the nation!

Bonnie Hansen – Film Project Chairperson

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