Film Release 2007 

Film Release 2007

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 Summer 2008

“Ours to Give” – Documentary for PBS
 Winner of Four National Awards

          We are very pleased to announce that “Ours to Give” has won four National Awards ... a Silver Telly, a Gold Aurora, a Hermes Creative and The Communicator.  This is quite an honor and our Director, Rich Luckin was asked to comment when we won the first award:

Silver Telly National Award          “When I was approached to do the project I was very interested because I felt it was a great story worth telling though a documentary.  I waived my usual fee in order to produce a program that would celebrate the life and legacy of a great man and his family.  To win a Silver Telly is a nice honor because you are judged by your peers.

          With any program, it is the people you meet for the interviews and the crew you work with that enable the final product to turn out as good as it is.  The highlights as far as the production for me were: the use of multi-voices, sound and music tracks which bring the program to life for the viewer.

          In closing, without a good script, thanks to Peter Hansen and great scheduling, the project would never have turned out as well as it did.  I’m grateful to all those who helped tell a great story both in Kansas City and Longview, Washington.”

          These are new additions to the many awards Rich has received in the past.  We appreciate too his ability to select just the right background music for the various decades that really lent to the beauty of the film of a humble man’s legacy ... Robert A. Long.  Our thanks once again to Rich!!!

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