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SPECIAL RALHS Fall 2015 Newsletter
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  Corinthian Hall: the “Palace”
  SLB&S Railroad
  Joshi Seigakuin - School in Japan
(Margaret Long School in Japan)
  The Kitten story - Loula and Sallie
  R. A. Long’s Lumberyards
  The Carriage-House Stable
  “My Dear Husband …”
a letter that Ella wrote to R. A. Long
in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary


“Snippets” by Tim Sullivan (President of RALHS 2006 to 2014)


Derby Day at Longview Elementary School


The “Window”


Longview Community Church, Longview, WA


The Good Steward and His Charity
“I have given for the pleasure it has brought me”


Excerpts from:
Loula Long Combs’ autobiography, “My Revelation” 1947


Scarritt Point
Scarritt Point – the site of the Corinthian Hall


Corinthian Hall
2010 – the 100th anniversary of Corinthian Hall.


R. A. Long Historical Society Visits Columbus, Kansas


“The Dream” Painting
We can only hope life will imitate art.